Here at GalacticByDesign, our mission is to increase the adoption of galactic contact globally to help accelerate a phase shift into unity based operating and open peaceful galactic relations.
We extremely value this global mission, and want to accelerate it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But we also recognize that not everyone is ready or able to invest in our events, programs, and memberships. 

In that, we want to be able to offer as much for free as possible, and also direct you to all the best free resources out there on ET Contact, Disclosure, and More.
First, here are some of our own Free Resources:
The Daily Download Video Series:
This is by far the best way to stay in the loop and get started with Galactic Insights. Tune in for a New Video Every Day:
Subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up with the latest:
You can also follow David on Social Media where he posts about Galactic Intelligence, along with his own life updates:
Galactic Meditation Protocol:
Galactic Meditation Protocol:
Ready to hop in a bit more?

Every day around the world, people are making contact with ET Intelligence.

It's not rocket science. You can ask directly for contact, and start working with these beings today.

The Galactic Alliance offers a Meditation Protocol with a full video walkthrough that explains the contact process, and how to start making contact of your own.

Want to know how to make contact? We'll show you how for free.

Because the more people who are open to receiving contact from these benevolent beings, the faster humanity can grow, heal, and flourish.
Also, Here are Some Other Resources from Around the Web:
There are many different ideas in this space, some of which we agree with, some of which we do not. It's worthwhile to explore these resources and take everything into consideration, without overly rejecting or accepting the information provided.

We're big advocates of exploring what's out there with a grounded curiosity.
Little Disclaimer: By following any of the links in this section, note that you're going off the GalacticByDesign site. We do really appreciate these resources and are happy to link to them.  However, we don't make any money by linking to these sites, and can't guarantee a certain experience or assume any liability or responsibility for what happens once you're off our site.
Darryl Anka Interview:
Darryl channels a being named Bashar, a really incredible being who has brought through a massive amount of content.
Bashar on Excitement:
One of the core messages of Bashar: follow your highest excitement to the best of your ability without attachment to the outcome.
Sirius Documentary:
A Steven Greer Documentary on ET contact and disclosure. A wonderful intro to the phenomenon. Now released online for free.
Disclosure Project:
Steven Greer is a titan in the disclosure space, and collects info on governmental involvement with ETs, sightings, and more.
A Netflix Documentary on ET Disclosure that's one of the best collections of evidence in film-style format out there.
Greer on UFO Contact:
2 Hour Talk by Steven Greer on How to Make Contact, and a good amount of content and even videos on the phenomenon.
Disclosure Activists: 
A thread of disclosure based articles on the platform Medium by a group called The Disclosure Activists.
Bryan de Flores:
The Galactic artwork on this site is stunning. Truly activating, it brings new meaning to "a picture's worth a thousand words."
Lisa Renee:
Her content is based in The Law of One, and is a fascinating read on the more spiritual side of the discussion.
Want More?
GalacticByDesign Goes Deeper in 3 Primary Ways:
Channel Nights
Attend Our Monthly Educational Contact Events Led by Burgiel of Sirius and David Hrostoski
Channel Nights are the 1st Tuesday of Every Month.

Burgiel delivers a message specifically for those in attendance and then opens the floor for live Q&A.

You can purchase individual tickets to the next Live Channel Night as well as individual recordings of past channel nights.

OR we also offer a Subscription, with access to past and future channel nights (except Galactic Alliance Exclusive events).
The Galactic Alliance
Join the Community with Full Access to All of Our Channel Nights Plus Exclusive Content
The community behind the movement, and a deeper layer of content just for those ready to dive in further. 

The Galactic Alliance includes full access to the community forum, live chat, all of the Galactic Alliance content, channel night recordings, and includes live access to all of our virtual channeling events.

We also have an additional Galactic Alliance only channel night 1x/month with deeper teachings, and more space to ask questions.
1-on-1 Work
Hop on with Burgiel for 1-on-1 Galactic Consulting to Answer Your Life's Deepest Questions
Burgiel offers what's called The Foundational Activation.

It includes a 2-hour 1-on-1 session to ask any questions you have for Burgiel directly Live on Skype.

These sessions also include a 7-day window where Burgiel works with your oversoul to help you become more of who you are.

This happens as you go about your day-to-day life, and shows up as an acceleration of synchronicities and lessons showing up for you.
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