How to Make Contact with Galactic Intelligence
Key Points:
1) The Contact Protocol:
Preparation | Access | Contact
a. Preparation
Contextual Framework, A Community that Makes Opening Sustainable, and Prepping the Body + Mind for Contact.
b. Access
Techniques, Invocation, Opening Practices, Meditation Protocol, External Galactic Assistance + Activation
c. Contact
Digital and Live Contact Experiences, Personal Interactions with Galactics, and Understanding Messages.
2) The Importance of Consistency + Community
Look from the perspective of higher intelligence. What does the ideal environment and prospect look like for contact?

Consistency shows a level of commitment and a true desire to connect with galactic intelligence vs. a type of galactic voyeurism, making contact just for fun or to fluff the ego.

Community makes contact sustainable. Galactics won't make contact when mental or emotional instability is too probable. Stability is created through community. It's all fun and games until contact is really made, and there's no one to talk to about it.
3) A Genuine and Informed Desire to Connect
Know what contact really means, know your why, and make a decision on whether or not you genuinely want to make contact.

If you really do desire to make contact, they'll gladly meet you where you're at, and guide you through the opening process.
Want to Explore Contact in a Community of Like-Minded People?
Connect, Learn, Make Contact:
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