The World's #1 Private Galactic Community Hub...
The Galactic Alliance
The premier community to openly learn about, discuss, and interact with galactic intelligence.
A like-minded community of contactees, channels, investigators, and curious seekers chatting in real time via text and voice.
Galactic history, ET disclosure, channeled material and more distilled into bite-sized resources and in-group discussions.
Live experiences with galactic intelligence and resources to facilitate and guide personal contact experiences.
The World's #1 Private Galactic Community Hub...
The Galactic Alliance
The premier community to openly learn about, discuss, and interact with galactic intelligence.
A like-minded community of contactees, channels, investigators, and curious seekers chatting in real time via text and voice.
Galactic history, ET disclosure, channeled material and more distilled into bite-sized resources and in-group discussions.
Live experiences with galactic intelligence and resources to facilitate and guide personal contact experiences.
​The Truth is Coming Out.
The government is working closely with the world's top ET experts to figure out what to do about Disclosure.

They know it's a Pandora's Box, and they're careful to open it. Because once it's open, there's no going back.

The world will be changed forever.

It seems like any day now, everyone will know: ETs exist and contact experiences are happening all over, all the time.
It's not a matter of if, but when.

When governments publicly acknowledge evidence of ETs.
When contact becomes a widely accepted phenomena.
When the world wakes up to the cosmic truth.

But in the meantime... What do we do?

How can we be comfortable knowing so much, in a world that seems to know so little?
Waking up isn't always pretty.
Bouts of defeat, depression, or hopelessness when looking at the state of the world, and the sleeping population.

Scrolling through the endless pictures, videos, and other evidence, not 100% sure what to believe...but knowing for sure that "the truth" is not what it seems.

Not fully knowing how to show up in the world, or who's safe to openly talk with about all this.

Not knowing how to relate with old friends or family, triggers and differences making it hard to connect like you used to.
Maybe there are even times you wish you were still asleep.

Working, sleeping, socializing, unaware of the state of the world. That maybe ignorance really would be bliss...

But there's no unseeing it. There's no going back now.

The burden of truth weighs in, and you feel a call to speak up, take action, and help the world in any way you can.

You may not know exactly what that looks like, but you do know that you have to do...something.
You feel a call to help lead the world through a massive paradigm shift.
Whether you entered this world of coverups, conspiracies, spiritual epiphanies, frustrations, and desires last year, or last week, there's a reason why you keep leaning in.

No matter what your parents, friends, or others may think, you keep on searching and learning about ETs, contact, disclosure, and esoteric spiritual truth.

Because you know it matters.

You know that even if 1% of what you've heard, read, or experienced is true...

Then the rest of the world needs to know. Because it's going to change everything.
Yeah, you have your doubts.

Can you be certain your truth is useful for humanity?
How do you speak up in a world that criticizes the outspoken?
Are you really meant to lead anything at all?
How do you KNOW?!

Sure. There's always more to grow, more to learn.

But right now, it's all hands on deck. It's as though there's little time to fully answer those questions, or resolve those feelings.

Because the call is relentless. The ambassadorship of truth never stops urging you forward:
"Share! Own Your Truth! Speak Up!"
I get it. In 2016, I was downright afraid of everything spiritual and galactic.
I'm David Hrostoski, Founder of The Galactic Alliance. And if I'm honest, leading a Galactic movement was the last thing I thought I'd be doing with my life.

In November of 2016, I sat in a hot tub with my good friend Amateo Ra, and told him, "To be honest, I'm just afraid of everything spiritual right now..."

That same day, during a live ET contact meditation, I heard a distinct voice and received contact from a galactic being for the first time.
I was completely dumbfounded. But the presence was undeniable. So I started meditating every day to invoke and talk to this being. My curiosity just couldn’t let it go.

I was later introduced to my main contact, Burgiel, who has since nudged me deeper and deeper into a Galactic Ambassadorship I never imagined in a million years I’d be a part of.

A big piece of me wanted to keep this phenomena as my own little secret, and continue to fly under the radar.

When I’m really honest with myself, where I’m most comfortable is behind a computer, working here and there, and flying well under the rader. 

So being a public face in the ET space, taking on all the labels, navigating the back-hand comments...I'm still to this day a little hesitant to be so openly Galactic.

But after months of his helping me upgrade my own life, I finally mustered up the courage to share by hosting group channeling sessions and booking private sessions.

I can't unsee what this work has done for my life and for others. Despite my hesitations and fears, I just can’t say no to an opportunity to accelerate widely-adopted ET initiatives on the planet. 

So I keep leaning in. Step by step. Day by day.

I have to do this. Not because I need to be a leader, or because I'll have a mediocre life if I don't, but because, like many of you...

I can’t NOT answer the call to assist something so profound.
Fortunately, we're not alone in this movement.
Did you know that Tom DeLonge from the rock band Blink-182 stepped away from music to write a book on ET phenomenon and contact?
ET Belief, Contact, and Disclosure is Hitting the Mainstream...

Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Hillary Clinton, David Bowie, Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Mick Jagger, Khloe Kardashian, Halle Berry, Russell Crowe, William Shatner...

These massive cultural and political figures all believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, and many have opinions on how to proceed with contact and disclosure.

Some, like Blink-182's Tom DeLonge, are going even further. DeLonge recently announced his second book on extraterrestrials, a Non-Fiction book on contact and disclosure.
"I have 10 people that I'm working with that are at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and NASA and the military." - Tom DeLonge, Blink-182
Word is Spreading: ETs Are Real and Already Making Contact.
Now we need your help to increase the adoption of Contact globally, to usher in this revolution, and help humanity tackle its greatest challenges to date…
Environmental Imbalances + Natural Disasters
A Long Overdue Planetary Energy Replacement
Society-Wide Psychological and Emotional Dilemmas
Governmental Corruption + Income Inequality
We don’t expect ETs to swoop down and fix everything...
We don’t expect ETs to swoop down and fix everything...
But we do know that some of the greatest inventors and innovators of our time connected with higher intelligences. Many have said that their ideas came from the assistance of angels, ETs, etc.

Nikola Tesla reported receiving extraterrestrial communications, leading him to a further fascination and dedication to radio frequency technology. His work was truly otherworldly and ET contact is something closely tied to aspects of his legacy and world changing work.

One of the most prolific ET Contact specialists in the world, Steven Greer, devotes a massive amount of his time towards finding new energy solutions, helping to drive humanity towards the context received from these ET beings.

And the evidence of ET intervention in the rise of human civilization is staggering.
If we accept that ETs are really here...then accelerating and supporting Galactic Intervention and Guidance is a no-brainer.
If we accept that ETs are really here...then accelerating and supporting Galactic Intervention and Guidance is a no-brainer.
How Disclosure Will Change Everything and Move Humanity Forward
Imagine the ripple effects if the US government made an official statement confirming the existence of ET life, releasing the full body of evidence collected by all intelligence agencies.

Even relatively small releases of information from the UK govt., much of it blacked-out and redacted, has added a whole new layer of credibility to what was previously brushed off as "conspiracy theory."

The governmental disclosure of top-secret ET documentation would mark a massive milestone in the ET community.

Right off the bat, there would be a whole new wave of eyes on these phenomenon, and the cultural taboo would be lifted.
Scientists and researchers could explore unexplainable phenomenon without risking their careers, sparking a whole new wave of scientific research.

The general public would feel more comfortable sharing, so a flood of new contact stories would enter the public forum for discussion.

With ET contact becoming more readily accepted, contact experiences would become more frequent and available.

Galactic contact becoming more available to people from all walks of life, including the smartest and most talented people on the planet, could lead to major advances in every field of study.
Disclosure shifts the cultural narrative, creating an opening for Galactic knowledge, guidance, and inspiration to spread through the Earth.
What is The Galactic Alliance?
There is an Interstellar Alliance of over 100 extraterrestrial civilizations that have come together to share insights, grow, and evolve together.

I’ve been asked on behalf of these beings to be a communication representative between them and you, as well as on-board people here on Earth to make personal contact and have the opportunity to join the Galactic Alliance...on a Cosmic scale.
A Like-Minded Community Full of Contactees, Channels, Galactic Investigators, and Curious Seekers in a Safe Virtual Space to Openly Share
  •  Social Media-Style Forum with Content, Stories, and Ideas from TGA Members and Contributors
  •  Text and Voice Chat System to Interact with Members and Contributors in Real-Time
Galactic History, ET Disclosure, Channeled Material and More All Distilled into Bite Sized Resources and In-Group Discussions
  •  Write-ups on Channeled Content, History, Coverups, and Other ET-related Topics.
  •  A Continually Expanding Curation of Galactic Posts, Videos, Articles, and more...
LIVE Experiences with Galactic Intelligence, and Resources to Facilitate and Guide Personal Contact Experiences
  •  Channeled Transmissions LIVE from Burgiel, David Hrostoski's ET Contact, with Q&A
  •  Meditation Protocols and Resources for Personal Contact
  •  Stories and Experiences from Contactees and Channels
And Perhaps Most Importantly, A High-Quality Safe Space to Talk and Learn About ET Phenomena:
Here’s What Makes This Space Unique...
Upon entry, there’s an application that’s reviewed by our team to get to know the community's desires and needs, and to act as a filter for anyone who’s unwilling to be kind, compassionate, and keep an open mind.

We’re constantly monitoring our community feed and chat, both to engage and deliver up-to-date content and to make sure that the members engaging in discussion aren’t rude, aggressive, or disrespectful. We absolutely do ban those who are unable to respect the community and others.

We as moderators, above all, value the emotional and intellectual safety of our members, and take consistent action to keep The Galactic Alliance as a space where even the often vulnerable experiences of contactees are safe from ridicule or judgment.

This isn't Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The community we create here loves ETs, is always open to learn new things, and knows how to have a genuine 2-way conversation without shaming or blaming.
The Contact Protocol
Contextual Framework, A Community that Makes Opening Sustainable, and Prepping the Body + Mind for Contact.
Techniques, Invocation, Opening Practices, Meditation Protocol, External Galactic Assistance + Activation
Digital and Live Contact Experiences, Personal Interactions with Galactics, and Understanding Messages.
Contact is a learnable technology.
Contact happens in many different ways.

Yes, trance channeling the way David channels Burgiel--a verbal expression--but also automatic writing, drawing galactic symbols, speaking light language, telepathic internal thought, deeply inspired flow states, etc.

Galactic beings are readily available to make contact with humans.

The question isn't whether or not they'll pick up the phone. The question is whether or not we're ready, and know how to make the call to begin with.
The Galactic Alliance is the first community to support all three pieces of the Contact Protocol.
From laying the groundwork, to supportive meditation protocols and practices, then into contact itself. For some, that means exploring and deepening their channeling and communication with these beings.

For others, that means tuning into The Galactic Alliance's live experiences with ET intelligence during LIVE channel nights and through the Live Voice Chat functionality of the group.
In The Galactic Alliance, We Demystify and Support Contact.
The Galactic Alliance Mission
Together, we create a space for a genuine exploration of extraterrestrial phenomenon.

We curate and transmit a collection of high-quality galactic guidance.

We accelerate disclosure, and normalize opening to and experiencing ET contact, breaking down the taboos around ET belief and experience.

We serve as a liaison between Galactic Intelligence and Humanity.
Our Trusted Team of Galactic Ambassadors
David Hrostoski

Founder of The Galactic Alliance and Channel for Burgiel

David's fierce search for truth has led him deep into a galactic ambassadorship at an astonishing pace, driving forward the world's premier galactic community, streaming channeled guidance from advanced ET beings and civilizations, collecting in-depth research on Galactic phenomenon, and serving as a liaison between galactic intelligence and Earth.
Miriam Elizabeth

Soul Artist and Contact Specialist

Miriam's deeply-rooted galactic and spiritual access allows her to speak straight to the soul through her preferred languages of story and art. Her art serves as visual portals to soul essences and high-vibrational energies, and her deep connection with nature, esoteric energies, and our continually-growing galactic community, all work together to help ET beings be seen on Earth.
Amateo Ra

Galactic Guide, Channel for Ratava, and Transition Specialist

Amateo's 10+ years of deep spiritual practice and metaphysical education has made him one of the greatest living libraries of metaphysical content on the planet. He uses his vast connection to Galactic energies to help usher in future technologies, quickly becoming one of the world's leading experts on the blockchain and cryptocurrency, the latest revolutionary wave of the digital age.
Vanessa Petronelli

Transformational Coach and Galactic Channel

Vanessa has cultivated a deep grasp of personal and global transformation through her lifetime of contact with Angels and guides, and a successful coaching practice leading high-caliber leadership retreats and programs. After a massive galactic opening, she altered the trajectory of her life and business to serve as a galactic ambassador, quickly becoming one of the world's top conduits for galactic guidance.
Our Growing Web of Contributors Openly Share Their Galactic Experiences and Guidance to Push Forward this Movement
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This IS For You If...
You can't get enough of ETs...
You're looking for others who also love ETs...
You're wanting to find a place to learn more...
You're eagar to connect with like-minded people...
You're open to the idea of channeling (even if you don't quite know what to think about it yet)...
Or you absolutely love and even crave galactic transmissions...
You're willing to challenge your beliefs about reality...
You're looking for a place to share your galactic experiences...
You're open, compassionate, and ready to explore a new frontier...

If this Sounds Like You, Then, Welcome Home.
This is NOT For You If...
If you're just looking for a place to be right about your beliefs...
If you're the kind of person who loves to argue and make others wrong...
If you're unwilling to explore new ideas...
If you're completely unwilling to entertain the idea of channeling or ET contact...
Or if for some reason, you're on this page and don't actually believe in ETs or care to explore more...
Are there live channeling sessions included with The Galactic Alliance?
Absolutely. Contact, being a huge piece of Galactic work, is also a huge piece of The Galactic Alliance, and it's all included with the membership.

There are official Galactic Alliance Channel Nights featuring Burglel with a live Q&A portion to get questions answered live, 1-2 times per month. And between those times, David and other contributors also pop into the Live Chat for surprise transmissions, to answer questions, and just to hang out person-to-person...or ET-to-person. ;)

Is there a long-term commitment involved with The Galactic Alliance?
We love to keep our community tight-knit and really build a family here. That being said, The Galactic Alliance is a month-to-month community, with no long-term obligations or contracts. 

Still, for many, this community is a breath of fresh air that's hard to stay away from. There's just no other place like it.

How do I join?
Click the button below and after the payment form, we'll walk you through step-by-step how to get plugged into the Membership Site and the Live Chat App.

We've made it really simple to get started. You can be talking live with the community as soon as 5-10 minutes from now.
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