Earth is currently on the receiving end of a massive orchestration of assistance from benevolent ET civilizations to help us through this massive political, financial, technological, and spiritual transition.
Are you a believer in ETs?

Maybe you've had some UFO sightings, or seen channeled beings like Burgiel, Bashar, or others.

Or maybe this is the first time you've really seriously considered the possibility.

But here's the thing: regardless of whether or not you believe in ETs or ET contact, the phenomenon is happening all over the world.

Belief in ETs doesn't make them any more or less real. Contact is accelerating everywhere, every day.

Belief in extraterrestrial intelligence DOES do something really special, though.

It opens a window for contact.
Here at GalacticByDesign, our mission is to increase the adoption of galactic contact globally to help accelerate a phase shift into unity based operating and open peaceful galactic relations.
Here's What That Means
for Our Planet
and for You...
Here at GalacticByDesign, our mission is to increase the adoption of galactic contact globally to help accelerate a phase shift into unity based operating and open peaceful galactic relations.
Here's What That Means
for Our Planet
and for You...
We believe that Contact is one of the quickest paths to spiritual development, living your soul's mission on Planet Earth, and having a global impact.
Contact takes many forms, not all of them paranormal in nature.

And while physical contact is a fun and exciting possibility, that's not even really what we're talking about here.

We're not talking about ETs coming down in their ships, and shaking the hand of The President of the United States on live television (although, hey, it's worth exploring the possibility).

What we're talking about, primarily, is ACCESS.

Access to these Galactic Beings of Light and the massive wealth of information they have for us.
Let's Talk Soul Architecture.
Burgiel, the main contact for David Hrostoski, Founder of GalacticByDesign and The Galactic Alliance, talks a lot about the OVERSOUL.

What is the OVERSOUL?

Mentioned in many spiritual texts—not just from Burgiel—it's the unit of consciousness directly above our own. Others call it the higher self, or overself.

This oversoul is our direct communication line with the rest of consciousness itself.

Communication with beings from all throughout the Kosmos is possible through the oversoul (and oversoul-to-oversoul communication).
Burgiel uses this familiar image to talk about the oversoul:
The Seed of Life.
In this metaphor, if we are the center circle, the oversoul is the outer circle.

We are a piece of the oversoul...and the oversoul is a piece of the whole, the divine, God, Source, Universe, or any of the many other names for All That Is.

This is the "architecture" behind the age old saying, "We are all a part of the divine."
By Gaining "Access" to the Oversoul, We Gain Access to the World Wide Web of Consciousness.
Gaining "Access" is arguably one of the most useful spiritual tools available to humankind.

Still, the metaphor of the Seed of Life and the Oversoul begs the question...

If I'm the center circle...what are those other circles within the oversoul?

Here's where things get real GALACTIC.
The Universe is Teeming with Intelligent Life.
Within your oversoul, are other aspects of YOU: the other circles in the seed of life metaphor.

You could call them "counterparts."

It's possible to have a counterpart here on Earth, but it's also possible to have a "Galactic Counterpart."

David and Burgiel are counterparts, and share the same oversoul, along with many other soul characteristics.

That makes communication an easy process, and is why David primarily channels Burgiel vs. other galactic beings.

You may be wondering at this point, "Do I have a galactic counterpart?"

The answer is almost certainly, "Yes!"
We're not making contact with some foreign intelligence. We're making contact with other aspects of the divine...other aspects of ourselves!
This is why ET Contact and Galactic Work is a spiritual phenomenon as much as it is a supernatural one.

These Galactic Beings of Light are here to assist humanity because they recognize we're all a part of the same thing.

We're all a part of the same "soul architecture."

They know that in the grand scheme, they're helping themselves by helping us.

So they're here, ready to assist, and trying their best to make contact.

The thing about communication...it takes two parties. We have to pick up the phone.
This is why it's our mission to accelerate contact globally...
These ET beings are a part of the same thing we are.

And they're able to assist us in really unique ways.

They live out their own lives in physical realities, and have learned many lessons along the way.
They live in highly advanced civilizations, with highly advanced technology.
They know what it's like to be physical, to live lives in synchronicity, and to create in the physical plane.

Perspective from a futuristic society is priceless in our evolution as a civilization here on Earth.

In the middle of this MASSIVE transition, we can use all the help we can get.

But what's most incredible about gaining access to communicate with these beings is that the beings we individually communicate with have a MASSIVE amount of information on us individually.
Galactic Intelligence is Here to Help us Become More of Ourselves.
Our galactic counterparts understand our purpose and our true soul's essence, often better than even we do.


Because our Galactic family, our Galactic counterparts...they are a piece of OUR individual oversouls.

In a way, our galactic counterparts are more like us, than we are to each other.

Interacting with a piece of your higher self—let alone a piece that's living in an advanced society that lives in harmony—is one of the quickest paths to truly know yourself.

These beings are highly spiritual beings, with deep understanding on the nature of reality.

AND as aspects of our higher selves, they have deep understanding of who we truly are and what we specifically came here to do on Earth: our soul's essence and purpose.

By understanding reality, and understanding our individual gifts, galactic intelligence is some of the most precise information for self-actualization and global impact we have access to today.
Galactic Contact will help us create a new Earth, based on harmony, truth, and our deepest soul's work...if we let it.
Here at GalacticByDesign, it is our mission to accelerate contact globally.

In doing so, we also accelerate self-actualization.

It is of our deep belief that what will fundamentally change humanity is not any one person, but a sea of awakened men and women, all coming together and sharing their soul's truest expression and gifts.

Some call it "the awakening." Others even go as far as to call it "the second coming."

Regardless of belief, or what you call it, it's undeniable that a wave of fully-actualized beings have the power to create massive change.

We can avoid the extremes of financial catastrophe, political corruption, global warming, and more, to create a harmonious and sustainable society based in love and unity.

But we can't do it by ourselves.

Highly intelligent galactic beings are here to help in any way they can, but it all starts here with ACCESS...and CONTACT.
Want More?
GalacticByDesign accelerates contact in 3 primary ways:
Channel Nights
Attend Our Monthly Educational Contact Events Led by Burgiel of Sirius and David Hrostoski
Channel Nights are the 1st Tuesday of Every Month.

Burgiel delivers a message specifically for those in attendance and then opens the floor for live Q&A.

You can purchase individual tickets to the next Live Channel Night as well as individual recordings of past channel nights.

OR we also offer a Subscription, with access to past and future channel nights (except Galactic Alliance Exclusive events).
The Galactic Alliance
Join the Community with Full Access to All of Our Channel Nights Plus Exclusive Content
The community behind the movement, and a deeper layer of content just for those ready to dive in further. 

The Galactic Alliance includes full access to the community forum, live chat, all of the Galactic Alliance content, channel night recordings, and includes live access to all of our virtual channeling events.

We also have an additional Galactic Alliance only channel night 1x/month with deeper teachings, and more space to ask questions.
1-on-1 Work
Hop on with Burgiel for 1-on-1 Galactic Consulting to Answer Your Life's Deepest Questions
Burgiel offers what's called The Foundational Activation.

It includes a 2-hour 1-on-1 session to ask any questions you have for Burgiel directly Live on Skype.

These sessions also include a 7-day window where Burgiel works with your oversoul to help you become more of who you are.

This happens as you go about your day-to-day life, and shows up as an acceleration of synchronicities and lessons showing up for you.
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